About Us

We collaborate with domestic and international commercial airlines, pilot training schools, aircraft maintenance companies, aircraft trading companies, and other aviation professionals to offer unique and specialized business opportunities.

Message from the CEO

My aviation career began in 1988, in the helicopter industry in Japan. In 2001, I moved to Vancouver, Canada, to become involved with the thriving aviation industry in that city. Since then, I have been mainly flying fixed-wing aircraft. I have long cherished a dream to launch an aviation business in Canada, and incorporated Eagle Peak Aviation on January 30, 2020 with a Cessna 172N and a team of passionate collaborators.

Our guiding principles are a commitment to passing on technology, setting a global standard for general aviation, and contributing to society as a whole. We plan to build a bridge between Japan and Canada in the aviation industry, and contribute to development and advancement in both countries.

Hironori Kato

Business Activities

  • Airplane Pilot Training Services – Eagle Peak Aviation is currently working with relevant authorities to obtain approval from Transport Canada to establish an Airplane Flight Training Unit.
  • Helicopter Pilot Training Services – advanced training for commercial and government agency helicopter pilots, including NVG, HEC, Sling-Load Operations, and Mountain Flights.
  • Used airplane and helicopter sales.
  • Used aircraft parts and equipment sales

Pitt Meadows Regional Airport

Pitt Meadows Airport

Pitt Meadows Regional Airport is located 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Vancouver International Airport, and 5 minutes from training airspace. It is a general aviation airport with a control tower, three runways for private jets, and a seaplane dock. It is mainly used for commercial aircraft take-off and landing, pilot training, and maintenance services.


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