Helicopter Training

We are preparing to offer advanced Human External Cargo (HEC), Night Vision Goggles (NVG), Sling-Load Operation, and Mountain Flight training programs to commercial helicopter company pilots and government agencies. Canada is home to a number of world-renowned helicopter manufacturers, maintenance companies, and operators, boasting world-class technology.

Sling-Load Operations

Sling Load Operations

Sling-Load operations are often carried out in mountainous areas that are only accessible by helicopter, for infrastructure development, resource exploration, and wildfire suppression. These are some of the most precise and team-intensive activities in the industry. Our team includes an instructor with more that 40 years of experience as a bush pilot in the Canadian Arctic, who can design a curriculum in collaboration with local helicopter operators. Practical training, in compliance with Transport Canada standards, will provide pilots with all of the technical knowledge required for safe Sling-Load operations.

Mountain Flights

Mountain Flights

Our program will provide the advanced pilot skills required to operate helicopters in mountainous terrain. We teach pilots how to deal with all related challenges, including mountainous transit flights, adverse weather conditions, take-off and landing, winter operations, emergency landings, and search-and-rescue operations. The program will also cover mental and physical performance limitations. Ample rugged, mountainous terrain makes British Columbia an ideal region for this type of training.

HEC (Human External Cargo)


Mountain rescue HEC operations are some of the most dangerous and demanding in the industry. Our Partner Talon Helicopters, assisting Greater Vancouver’s renowned North Shore Rescue volunteer search-and-rescue organization, is one of Canada’s leaders – performing approximately 130 search-and-rescue operations annually. Our programs address both types of HEC systems.  One is the BOOST HEC system attached to the bottom of suspended Long Lines. The other is an electric hoist mounted on a Night Vision Goggle-capable medium-sized helicopter, the AS365N2 Dauphin – the first in Canada.

NVG (Night Vision Goggles)


Until now, NVG technology has generally been limited to police and military operations. For the first time in the domestic industry, our partner Talon Helicopters has received approval from Transport Canada to use NVGs for search-and-rescue and nighttime forest fire fighting. In collaboration with Talon, we are developing an NVG training curriculum designed specifically for police, fire, SAR, and Medivac agencies.